VFG Quick Cleaning Pellets4.5

VFG Quick Cleaning Pellets 4.5mm (100)


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Product Description

VFG cleaning pellets have achieved success for casual and sporting shooters alike.  VFG felt barrel cleaners thoroughly clean the rifling of guns in a few passes, simply load the felt pellet into your air rifle and fire it through just as you would normally do when shooting.  You can oil the bore of barrels within seconds by applying just a few drops of oil to a felt.  

This is a purely natural product and contains no chemicals whatsoever. It is very absorbent and can trap large and small particles in its fiber structure.  The outstanding absorbency enables it to take up and store liquids (oil, solvents and polishing pastes). It is a textile and therefore harmless and exceptionally gentle. It can bring metal surfaces to a high polish.

Note: When cleaning the barrel of spring powered airguns, a lead pellet should be inserted behind the cleaning pellet to prevent damage to the main spring, piston seal and other internal components.



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