Acraglas Glass Bedding Kit


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Product Description

The word “Acraglas” has proven, during the many years it has been used by shooters, to be a true and fair product description. For Acraglas, as its name implies, is an accurising material designed for the exclusive purpose of making a rifle shoot more accurately. Granted, it is a superior bedding compound used and sold as such by dealers, stock manufacturers and gunsmiths – but the fact remains: its prime purpose is to accurise a rifle.


Shrinks less than 0.01% when hardening.

Strengthens your stock because of its own great strength and resistance to breakage

Acid proof, waterproof, has superior insulating qualities, resists alkalis and will not rot or deteriorate.

Highly resistant to impact and will not dent.

Has a shelf life of over 5 years.


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