About Us

At NYCA we have a fresh dynamic attitude dedicated towards finding the right kit for you. With a second to none reputation, being the only authorised Gamo repair centre in South Africa, our results speak for themselves and we pride ourselves for revolutionising the future of custom airguns. As a team of young passionate individuals we strive for excellence in every facet of our work, demanding the very best from ourselves and from each other, it is for this reason that we can confidently claim to be perpetually unsurpassed.

Originating from humble beginnings as a one man show, St john Salisbury cultivated NYCA after heading up the technical department at Nicholas Yale; a renowned importer and distributor of shooting related products in South Africa; repairing Gamo Air rifles to now offering an extensive range of service from General repairs to custom tuning high end competition guns.

NYCA out has a no bullshit approach to the way we conduct business, all too often we see people who have been lied to by salesmen and shop owners, these people regularly get swindled out of their hard earned money only to find they have bought a product that does not meet their expectations or the promises made by the degenerate on the other side of the counter. Armed with a thirst for unparalleled knowledge of the technicalities behind airguns, we continuously test and research ideas in the pursuit of excellence and evolution. We are about sharing that knowledge with our customers insuring all your requirements are satisfied. We work with solid genuine facts, not half-truths and sales talk.

We have recently invested a substantial amount of resources into restructuring and upgrading our workshop. Recent acquisitions of modern equipment, skilled staff members, increased warehouse space and new product availability, ensure that shooters have access to a top notch testing and tuning facility.

We have ambitious goals for the innovative development, creation and fitment of aftermarket performance parts in a professional capacity currently unrivalled in South Africa. Judicious R&D as well as a diligent collaboration with handpicked engineers and custom parts manufacturers have forged a first class range of performance replacement parts for your airgun. In our position as the premier supplier (supreme overlords) of air gun parts we are able to offer them to the public at a fraction of in store prices.