Custom Parts Fabrication

  • Computer Aided Design
    All our parts start here. By drawing them on computer we can create a 3d model which helps visualise the end product.
  • Turning
    We machine parts in house both for once off jobs and for prototyping performance parts. This allows us to test and fine tune the design before producing the parts on a larger scale.
  • Production Runs
    Once we are happy with the design we commission production runs of our performance parts. This allows us to produce parts of a very high quality at an affordable price
  • Finishing
    Often custom parts have small burs or scratches after production, we inspect every part for imperfections and polish each one by hand to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.


Our team often come across instances where we have a need to design and fabricate parts. While our workshop is very well kitted out, we often outsource work to a select group machinists and engineers who have proven the quality of their workmanship meets the high standards set within our own workshop.

NYCA has trained machinists and designers who CAD and fabricate parts in house so if you find yourself in need of a hard to find bit or bob, Get In Touch