Stock Work

  • Stock Bedding
    A resinous compound is applied to the inside of the stock, creating perfect contact surface between the action and the stock. This greatly reduces vibration and increases the strength of the stock.
  • Stippling
    Creating a beautiful stippled effect not only gives you the extra grip you need but also looks awesome
  • Hand Rubbed Finish
    Just one of the many techniques used by NY Custom Airguns to finish off a rifle stock.

Stock shortening/lengthening and But pad fitting

A rifle needs to fit the shooter, the length from the but to the trigger (Length of pull) is vitally important for accurate shooting. Stock shortening or lengthening is often required to find the perfect fit for both shooting comfort and stability. There are many options available for adjusting a stocks length. Visit us today to discuss your specific rifle to find the best possible solution.

Lengthening stocks can be done by adding various types of inserts or changing the but pad to a thicker one or to a but hook system

Wooden stocks can be cut and refinished

Synthetic stocks are notoriously difficult to shorten because they are often hollow. Some however can be shortened so we would generally need to inspect the rifle in question to give the best advise.


Stock bedding

Bedding a rifles action to the stock has several advantages; vibration reduction, increase accuracy.

The process involves applying a resin compound to the contact points between the action and the stock creating a smooth contact surface.



Looks aren’t everything, SAYS WHO!!!! Well, to some, a gun needs to be worn in, to look like its been used and has a history behind it, while this may be true iv yet to see a person show off a gun that looks like its been dragged under a tractor. We offer a range of refinishing options for all types of stocks. Whether it’s a case of a small dent or a full sand down and refinish we have a solution for every need.


Crack repair

A cracked stock is never a good thing but thankfully there are a number of options to correct it. Even stocks broken in half can be repaired with the correct technique and often be made to look as good as new. We tailor all our service to the customers needs, and indeed budget.

We often do major crack repairs on a tight budget or when the weapon in question is intended for very rough use by children, and the appearance is not of paramount concern. We have a variety of techniques used to fill this need so dont be put off by the exorbitant rates charged by other stock makers.



The art of stippling involves imparting a texture onto wood for extra grip or for aesthetic appeal.