Gamo MP9

Gamo MP9 BB 4.5mm


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Product Description

A replica of the BT MP9 9×19 SMG (a Swiss manufacturer), Gamo’s MP9 gives you all the fun but with less noise and much cheaper, more plentiful ammo. Shoot either BBs or lead pellets in semi auto. Capable of delivering¬†8 shots in less than 1 second the MP9 truly is a remarkable CO2 Pistol, Wait did I say pistol? Well it is right up until you swing out the folding but pad, turning this into a semi auto carbine rifle.

  • Semiauto
  • Uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • 16 Round Double Ended Magazine Holds Pellets or BBs
  • Windage-Adjustable rear sight
  • Locking, Folding Buttstock


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