Airgun Repairs

  • General Repairs
    Most repairs require little more than a spring and seal change.
  • Specialised equipment
    Over the years we have learned that many jobs require specialised tools. Here is a purpose built spring compressor that was developed specifically for the removal of strong air rifle springs.


GAMO SA REPAIR CENTER services and repairs all makes of air rifles and air pistols, weather its an ancient BSA or an Olympic grade match rifle we do them all. We are the only authorized Gamo repair center in South Africa and this is our bread and butter brand, if you have ever sent a Gamo in for repair through the supplier its almost certain that its ended up at our door.

If you have an air rifle that’s in need of some TLC why not Contact Us to get one of South Africa’s best air gunsmiths to get your pride and joy shooting again.

We also convert normal Spring Air rifles to Gas Ram .

We normally operate on a 24hour (or shorter) turn around time which is unparalleled in the industry.