Chrony Gama Master
Chrony Balistic Printer

Chrony Gamma Master with Ballistics Printer


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Product Description

The Chrony Gamma Master is an absolute essential for the shooting enthusiast and reloader. Sporting a compact design, it is small enough to pack into your range box and the 9v battery makes it a set up and go system that works anywhere as long as there is light. This unit includes a remote display and ballistics printer.

500 Shot Memory

Measures Projectile Speed from 30-7000fps

Made of 20 Gauge Steel.

Compact Fold Away Design.

Measures High, Low and Average Velocities, Extreme Spread and Standard Deviations between shots.

PC compatible (requires USB cable and Ballistic Software – Not included)

Includes Ballistic Printer.

Measures and stores not only shot velocities but also time-elapsed between shots, including total time.


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