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Chronarch Reels


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Product Description


Chronarch B series

The Chronarch B series is for most fishing applications that require fast line pickup but not a massive amount of line capacity. With PV power grips and a 5.0:1 gear ratio, BPV is optimal for big crankbaits or swimbaits. BSV is designed for saltwater. With a deep spool for line capacity, high speed retrieve and oversized grips. The Escape Hatch sideplate access system allows for quick VBS adjustments.

Chronarch Ci4+ Series

Developed by Shimano USA, the low profile Chronarch CI4+ baitcaster is derived from a long line of superb casting reels like the Chronarch 50MG and the core 50MG. The use of CI4+ material in the body delivers a baitcaster that is not only stronger, but lighter as well. Pick one up and you’ll immediately notice the difference. The super light-weight, cold-forged and machine-cut 7075 aluminum spool complements this important weight saving, so the reel comes in 27 grams lighter than its predecessor. This makes it perfect for all-day casting sessions in estuaries and freshwater. X-Ship is the heart of this reel, where a bearing-supported pinion gear and an oversize drive gear combine to deliver sparkling performance, aided by 7 SA-RB bearings. Increased castability thanks to Shimano’s exclusive SVS centrifugal braking system enhances the reel’s reputation as a high performance fishing tool.

Chronarch D series

The new Shimano Chronarch D Series mirrors the sleek body design of the highly popular magnesium Core reels, a design that provides improved ergonomics and some serious weight reduction. Shimano combined old and new to create the D Series employing cosmetics from the white Chronarch A and gold Chronarch SF, while maintaining the upgrades from the B Series like HEG gearing, Escape Hatch, Magnumlite Spool and Dartanium Drag.

The Chronarch D is constructed with an aluminum frame and sideplates, Shimano also incorporated an ultra lightweight A7075 aluminum spool with the Magnumlite spool design. One added benefit that is not present in the Core reels is the addition of S A-RB bearings, these bearings are treated like the A-RB bearings but are also shielded on both sides reducing the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the bearings rotation. The D Series Chronarch incorporates many of the Shimano premium features and is built tough for years of use.

Chronarch E series

The Chronarch E series are equipped with High Efficiency Gearing (HEG) for increased power and torque. It comes in 6 models 50E, 51E, 200E5, 200E6, 200E7 & 201E7 with 2 sizes, 3 different ratios and 2 left hand models make the series. All reels feature Magnumlite Spools, Dartanium 2 Cross Carbon drags, VBS braking system, 6 bearings plus 1 roller bearing and punching just over 5kg’s of drag with a stylish pearl white body with black and blue fleck trimmings this is a must have low profile bait caster.

Chronarch MGL series

The Shimano Chronarch MGL Casting Reels are packed with some of Shimano’s most advanced technologies to provide anglers with a lightweight, tournament-ready package. More advanced than before, the Shimano Chronarch MGL Casting Reels have been re-tooled with Magnumlite Spools, which allow for a low moment of inertia, requiring very little force to get it spinning. As a result, casting distance is increased by 15% when compared to the same capacity of a standard spool.

With casting distance covered, maximum control and accuracy is made possible with Shimano’s SVS infinity braking system, which allows for fine-tuning using the external dial. To further enhance precision, the Shimano Chronarch MGL Casting Reels combine X-Ship and MicroModule gearing to form a powerful, yet ultra-smooth gearing system. Heavy on performance, not on weight, the Shimano Chronarch MGL Casting Reels are better than before thanks to Shimano’s signature technologies and unwavering commitment to innovation.