Plano Soft Bow Case (Mossy Oak)


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Product Description

Respect your bow by storing it in Plano’s Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case. It has been designed with an artful combination of technology and craftsmanship, Thus it is ideal for any archery enthusiast.It comes in one standard size and accommodates most bows available in the market perfectly. The quality fabrics and materials that these cases are crafted with offer durable performance for long-term use of the archery bow case. The subtle exterior features the company’s custom break-up infinity pattern with neat black trim for a sharp, professional appearance. The 3D look of the tree trunks, bark and brown leaves on the Infinity design also results in the Mossy Oak bow case’s excellent camouflage while out in the woods and fields.


Interior 109 cm 51 cm 0
Exterior 112 cm 53 cm 3 cm


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